Red squirrels in the Northeast are under continuous and serious threat.  Not only are they subjected to loss of habitat throughout the region but also the incursion of the non-native American grey squirrel.  Northeast Red Squirrels Charity is helping our red squirrels through projects which work with existing red squirrel conservation volunteer groups to engage with local communities to help us to turn our woodlands red!

Our belief is that with a joined up effort we can ensure that our red squirrels survive


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Red Squirrels Back on Tyne  Project

Our 'Red Squirrels Back on Tyne' project is supported by a HERITAGE LOTTERY GRANT.
The project will focus on surveying, stabilising and then expanding the range of red squirrel populations that are found to the east and west of the city of Newcastle.
Our aims are to restore red squirrels to woodlands in the project area and to encourage the local community to 'adopt a wood' and take over long term monitoring and care of their red squirrels.  The key to our project is community engagement. The understanding and support of the local communities along the Tyne are key to our success.  To be sustainable and really allow red squirrels to repopulate local woods and survive long term we need local people to help and get involved with our project
NeRS will be hosting several workshops, visits and talks in order to engage with local communities and schools to increase understanding of the need for red squirrel conservation and how local communities and children can get involved. NeRS will continue to build on our ‘Adopt-a-Woodland Scheme’ which started in Newcastle and is a growing success.

Updated: 12th September 2018




Red Squirrels Newcastle Project

Newcastle is still able to claim that it has red squirrels within the city boundary.  However, due to the relentless progression of the grey squirrel, which now dominates woodlands south of the Tyne, our Newcastle Reds our seriously under threat!
Red Squirrels Newcastle Project aims to turn the tide!  With a concerted effort we believe that Newcastle’s red squirrels can thrive once more.  Our strategy is ambitious, but with dedication from local volunteers and landowners is totally achievable.  Working together to engage with existing volunteers, local communities, the City Council and landowners we aim to build a volunteer network
to turn Newcastle’s woodlands red!  This will be achieved through a program of engagement, education, grey control, red squirrel monitoring culminating in an ‘Adopt a Wood’ scheme to ensure that communities take ownership for future generations.

South east Northumberland Project

South east Northumberland is still able to boast populations of free-living red squirrels throughout many of its woodlands.  This is largely due to the work and constant effort carried out by voluntary conservation groups in the area under the umbrella of Northern Red Squirrels.  Some of the groups have been protecting their red squirrels for well over 10 years with the support of landowners, residents and other organisations.
Our aims are to support the efforts of the established voluntary groups within the south east of Northumberland and help them to build on their success and encourage the expansion of the current red squirrel colonies through a continued and joint program of red squirrel monitoring and care and grey control.